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A Magical Disney Vacation

My name is Sylvia and this past fall, my family and I traveled to Orlando, Florida home of the famous Disney World Resorts. I have been to Disney many times, but this time was particularly special because I was able to share this amazing adventure with my immediate family and extended family. Seeing the joy on the faces of my loved ones made this such a wonderful experience.

We were there during the hurricanes of 2004 however we weren't really affected too much at the resorts. The weather was warm and sunny and the wonder in the faces of both the children and adults made the trip unforgettable. If I had to choose one word to describe our vacation, it would be "Amazing."

The atmosphere was perfect - gentle breezes and swaying palm trees surrounded us. The whole area truly invoked feelings of amazement. We took peaceful walks on the beach, spent relaxing afternoons in a hammock or sleeping in a beach chair, and quiet afternoons walking along the beach. This relaxation was much needed as we were busy with a myriad of super fun activities throughout the majority of our trip. We went swimming, shopping, park-hopping, boating, and watching fireworks, laser light shows, and parades. And, of course we had some really great park adventures too!

It was so cool to see the different Disney Resorts up close. Each resort was very different from the next. They have resorts designed to fit the needs of all families. We stayed in the Disney Wilderness Lodge. The Resort had lots of tall pines that made you feel as if you were up North somewhere. The pool was awesome; it had a replica of Old Faithful that would erupt right in front of you. The building was log construction and had a great fireplace in the lobby. The Wilderness Lodge is set in the perfect location. You can take a boat directly from the Lodge to Magic Kingdom.

We also stayed at Disney's Polynesian Resort. We stayed at the Concierge level and absolutely loved it. It is a must for families. The Polynesian features a Lilo & Stitch tropical feel. The Resort offers easy access to the parks by tram or boat (to Magic Kingdom & Epcot), or a bus to the other parks. Its proximity allows you to get into the parks easily, even if it is just for a single event or show. The Resort offers the best of both worlds with a lake and a pool. We also loved the restaurants on property at the Polynesian.

The absolute best part of the vacation was enjoying watching all of the smiling families, including my own, make lasting memories together.

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